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Drishti is a resource for innovative people and institutions. Drishti leverages its voluntary partner organizations to promote collaboration among the non-profit, government and business sectors so that they can realize their objectives more effectively.


While 'Drishti HRC' roots lay in its ability to be a journeying partner, as a registered Non Profit our strategic role is to channelize resources to other grassroots Non-Profits. In this partnership journey, Drishti engages with these NGOs and their leaders on a long term basis to strengthen their capacity to serve their communities.


Several committed non-profit organizations are implementing life changing social projects. However they struggles finding resources and lack a sparring partner who would listen to them and guide them. With its roots in counseling therapy, Drishti is contributing more to the sector by playing this facilitation role.


  • Community outreach programme

    I am Vidya Khandagle, aged 30 years old. I completed my education upto Std. 10th. I live with my husband and two daughters in a small rented house at Kailash Nagar in Thane. My husband is a daily wage earner and does not have regular work. I enrolled my daughters at CORP’s Crèche and Pre-school programme enabling me to work as a domestic help.

  • Samavedana

    Samavedana conducts the School Health Program in Mulshi Block, Pune under which it organizes primary health check-ups for the penurious and indigent students. If the students are diagnosed with any health issues that can be barrier to education, the further treatment is made available through Samavedana.

  • Swadhar IDWC-Project Akshardeep

    In 2001, Akshardeep team found the Morwadi vasti in PCMC area which had a large number of children who did not attend schools. These children were either daily wage earners or domestic workers. Akshardeep Bridge Classes were started for these children. In 2009, with the passing of the RTE act, we admitted maximum number of children into regular school.

  • Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal

    Prashant Kurutge’s moth er Mahadevi, used to be a farm labor while his father Ashok, an electrician, would do sporadic electric fitting and repairing jobs in the village. With a meager, uncertain monthly income fluctuating between Rs.3000 and 5000, the family could hardly afford Prashant’s higher education.


    "Our tacit supporter!"

    Drishti has been involved with Maher for the last 14 years. Since 2007, Drishti has not only helped us but guided us. One of the programs Drishti helped us with the 2nd line leadership training program which immensely helped our staff. After this training one of our senior staff Ramesh Dutunde took up the responsibility as Deputy Director and Mr Harish Awachar as Manager of the Vadu project.
    As a result of the scholarship which our children received from Drishti’s end, they could stand on their feet. We have many success stories. One of our girl students completed her MSW and she is now working as one of the staff of Maher. Another girl now got a chance to move to USA for further studies, 2 of our girls completed their nursing and they found good jobs. Maher’s stories are in Hundreds. If organisations like Drishti were not there, our students would have had difficult time.

    Sr Lucy Kurien

    Founder Director - Maher


    When I started this small school for tribal children in 2005 I put all my life’s savings into it. I was just 30 years then with no great experience at running an organization. My family since then is running completely on my wife’s salary. Just like this cushion at home, Drishti has provided the cushioning effect in our Trust’s mission. Their belief in us is 100%. We are of course asked questions and held completely accountable, but Drishti’s intention is always to get us to think more deeply about our work and making practical decisions. Whenever I need any advice I can simply pick up the phone and call them. If my team needs any help with capacity building, Drishti always introduces us to people who can solve our problem. Our relationship may have started with financial support, but has blossomed into something which I cannot describe in words. Today, If our Trust has grown from serving just 32 students when we started to 600 students currently, it would not have been possible had Drishti not been with us.

    Malvi Educational and Charitable Trust

    Managing Trustee


    "Building sustainable communities"

    After reading an article on Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal (SSM) published in India Today, in its 15th December 2004 Issue, under the column “Off track”, Ms. Smitaji of Drishti Human Resource Centre, Mumbai contacted Mr. Pramod Deshmukh for more info on the organization. And Since then, Drishti has remained a prominent source of support to SSM, contributing exponentially to its human resource development programs, changing the lives of scores of rural youth for the better. Drishti has supported SSM's Educational Quality Improvement Program (Project EQUIP), sponsored promising rural poor girls under “Sponsor a Girl” program, provided timely financial support to a number of needy students for completing their professional education and helped rural entrepreneurs to start small scale businesses. Moreover, through its annual Synergy meets of member NGOs, it has also enriched knowledge and enhanced skills and capacity of SSM's volunteers. Drishti has also enabled SSM to network with resourceful individuals and NGOs for garnering their support in the implementation of its projects. Thus Drishti's support on multiple fronts has had a phenomenal impact not only on SSM's growth and development as a multidimensional organization but also on the lives of the community it works for and with. SSM is grateful to Drishti for its humane support.

    Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal, Chairperson

    Pramod Deshmukh


    "Youth Alliance is enabling transformation of inner conditions of human beings to let outer conditions of human systems change. Elaboration on story"

    Youth Alliance's work towards leadership through inner transformation has always been a difficult cause to understand and support since the impact is not quantitative but highly qualitative. One who can only see through the heart of people and lace trust in their potential to transform themselves and the world can genuinely support the work, and Smita Behen and Jyoti Didi have been those supporters for us.
    Smita Behen and Jyoti Didi have engaged with Youth Alliance and the larger community at various programs (Gramya Manthan and Alumni Meet) and extended their generous support to many community members on the path of service. We were deeply touched by the commitment of Vineeth (from the Drishti Team), who spent close to 6-7 days and the villages of Kanpur during our program in the most basic amenities and interacted with many young participants.
    We are incredibly grateful to Drishti for all the trust and love they place in young people like us to make the world a better place.

    Youth Alliance

    Team Member


    "Drishti has given us new drishti"

    Both Jyoti Subedar and Smita Navare have always been pillars of support for Swadhar. They were students of our founder president Meenakshi Apte at TISS, so the connect was always very strong.
    They have secured financial support for two of our projects – Akshardeep and Mohor for many years.
    Apart from this, the Synergy meets -which were a great way of networking - have been vibrant and full of opportunities to learn and build capacity.
    In one such meet, we received inputs which have helped build our strategy for the next phase of growth in the organisation.

    Swadhar IDWC


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