About Us

Our History

Drishti HRC was born in 1993 by two professional counsellors Jyoti and Smita. Their years of work in the area of human psychology developed in them a deep reflection that every human being in their journey of life needed counselling. Not one who helps you fix your problems, but one who journeys with you as ONE. A good counsellor listens intently, respects the other’s perspective and trusts that the process will allow the healing to happen. Social change is a long and seemingly unending journey. Several passionate change makers had ventured into it dreaming about creating a society that was more equitable. To understand the development sector better, in the early months the Drishti HRC Founders spoke to many of them. Almost all were doing selfless service but silently expressing a feeling of being alone at times. What emerged from that collective expression lead to the “raison d’etre” of Drishti HRC. The organization (NGO) reason for existence would be to journey with change makers and facilitate the change they wanted to see.

Our Vision

"Our Vision is to channelize resources and journey with grassroot change makers by building their capacity to evolve and scale their programs, processes and people".

Core values

Drishti has 4 core values which drive our actions and relationships with stakeholders. All members try to live these values as an integral part of their lives. Our values emerge from our counselling roots.

  • Empathy: We listen deeply to our stakeholders and evolve our service from their voice
  • Collaboration: We always work with complete respect to every single stakeholder as an equal partner
  • Integrity: We ensure that the integrity (confidentiality) of all our stakeholder relationships is maintained
  • Open Mindedness: Our attitude to the beliefs, ideas or actions of stakeholders will be non-judgmental