Our Work

Our Approach

While Drishti HRC roots lay in its ability to be a journeying partner, as a registered Non Profit our strategic role is to channelize resources to other grassroots Non-Profits. In this partnership journey, Drishti engages with these NGOs and their leaders on a long term basis to strengthen their capacity to serve their communities. From the beginning Drishti HRC has been theme agnostic and hence open to supporting any NGO that is aligned to our values and process of bringing about change. We are also different since we operate with overheads that are less than 1% of the donations. Drishti currently has no full time employee on its rolls, no dedicated office space of its own and no assets that incur any maintenance cost. This ensures that 100% of the funds are utilized for its beneficiary by partner NGOs.


How we engage with our stakeholders:


  • Provide Scholarship & Facilitate a Career Orientation Program for meritorious college going students
  • Support with funding for projects: When Drishti was started there was not much funding available initially. So funding was not the primary transactional basis of our engagement with the partners. Despite having no funds for 5 years straight, NGOs still were in constant touch with Drishti. However, eventually, funds started flowing through Drishti. We only knew that we wanted the NGO to be growing in the direction they wished to. As the development sector in India progressed funding increased, so did needs increase and so did opportunities to serve too increase and there were "many to many connect" term borrowed from service space which lead to exponential increase in all resources opening up for us. So our partner NGOs became financial resources for each other
  • Support with other resources in the form of support in kind, skilled volunteers or mentoring: Drishti has been successful in providing in key partner NGOs professional guidance and support. We are fortunate enough to encounter with individuals, organizations and institutes who have gone out of their way for our partner NGOs in terms of providing non-monetary assistance, professional guidance, expert training, etc. Our invaluable resource bank of professionals is always available to all our partner NGOs for any kind of help, monitoring, etc.
  • Provide need based capacity building in the form of Synergy meets, knowledge sharing forums or relevant workshops.


  • Conduct Due Diligence and recommend committed Non-Profits
  • Facilitate service agreements and track the implementation (Activities & Outcomes)
  • Facilitate status update reports at agreed upon intervals
  • Design Volunteering / Engagement Opportunities on request