"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘Are we doing enough for others?’"

Samavedana conducts the School Health Program in Mulshi Block, Pune under which it organizes primary health check-ups for the penurious and indigent students. If the students are diagnosed with any health issues that can be barrier to education, the further treatment is made available through Samavedana.
Bhakti is a Class VI student from Marunji, a village on the border of Pune’s suburbs in Mulshi tehsil. Ill-fatedly, at very early age, she lost her father and her mother left her to her grandma to get married to another man. Bhakti and her sister, sans her birth parents, are raised by her grandmother with a lot of care and in a prudent way. In an attempt to provide for girls’ needs, the financial challenges made the family to migrate to Pune from countryside Hingoli, Marathawada in search of better wage opportunities.
As if her struggle in her early childhood was not enough, the already wretched and hapless Bhakti was diagnosed with diabetes along with its allied complications and kidney problems. She was, then introduced to Samavedana. Initial estimate for her treatment was ₹. 60,000, a mammoth amount as is for her family, was taken care by Samavedana. She successfully underwent the treatment at Sahyadri Hospital, Deccan under nephrologist Dr Atul Sajgure.
She, though stable and in her senses, still needs medical care. Bhakti and her grandmother continue to fight as we stand firmly by their side. Drishti has been an unwavering support in cases of many such Bhaktis. It has always played a strategic role of channelizing resources.

Samavedana and Drishti showed up with a sparkle and ray of hope and made sure sun shines bright on Bhakti’s health. We want to continue being the catalyst to as many Bhakti’s possible. We wish to explore so much so we don’t miss any Bhakti whose fate is to be sealed only because they don’t have the access to essential healthcare or cannot afford care. It’s a long way there, wouldn’t you be part of this journey?