Swadhar IDWC-Project Akshardeep

1. In 2001, Akshardeep team found the Morwadi vasti in PCMC area which had a large number of children who did not attend schools. These children were either daily wage earners or domestic workers. Akshardeep Bridge Classes were started for these children. In 2009, with the passing of the RTE act, we admitted maximum number of children into regular school.
In 2010 we started support classes to ensure their retention in school. Prajakta Vikram Mohite started attending Akshardeep Setu Class from 2007. Her father is a driver and mother is a domestic worker. In 2009, she was admitted in Class IV in a nearby affordable school from which she progressed to successfully passing her 10th std exam with 72% marks. At present she is studying in 12th std (Commerce) in a nearby college. Over the years, the parents and community have become convinced about the importance of education and there is no out of school child in this vasti. Drishti has helped us secure financial support for this entire project. Moreover, Drishti has built our network which enabled exchange of synergies and opened a lot of opportunities to learn and build capacity. We are grateful for the expert inputs and guidance that we receive from Drishti as these have built our upcoming strategies.